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Restoring your headlights cost less

If your headlights start becoming yellowed in appeareance or become foggy, cloudy, etc., this is usually due to age. It can get costly replacing them... and buffing them will only temporarily solve the issue. Using the at-home kits are basically just as futile in dealing with the problem. We, however, can help using restoration methods.

Let our staff work their restoration magic 

Over time, your headlights may become cloudy, foggy, or have a yellowed appearance. Replacing your headlights can be expensive, and at-home kits or buffing only temporarily fix the problem. When you want lasting results without spending a fortune, turn to our professionals for headlight restoration. Your lights will be restored to look like new again, making your car look more attractive while helping you see clearly at night.

We can bring your headlights back to life

Buffing and polishing only lasts for a few months, so why waste your time and money? Replacement lenses can cost you hundreds of dollars per lens. Your headlights will be restored for 3 to 5 years with our restoration services that are affordably priced.